About Us

Political Advantage is a full-service political consulting and marketing firm with over 40 years’ combined experience.

Our Advantages

We have a history of obtaining highly successful outcomes for political, corporate and nonprofit organization campaigns, launches and media outreach.

We will lead and optimize your campaign every step of the way to maximize your success.

We offer a sophisticated menu of proven skills, tools, strategies and tactics for:


Political positioning


Media exposure


Grassroots organizational development


Personal professional management

Our unique approach lets you structure and polish your campaign around your messaging and budgeting needs.


Deploy corporate marketing initiatives, nonprofit development and event planning services as you need them


Capture and secure constituent support, vote by vote and client by client with:

  • Effective branding
  • Enhanced media presence
  • Elevated communication skills

The Founders

Kristin Manna


Kristin studied Communications: Television and Film studies with a emphasis in Political Science at Vanguard University and followed up with a masters program at UCLA. 

Kristin has small businesses at heart and was an owner of a social media marketing agency for over 5 years creating social media platforms/digital messaging, E-blast correspondence, and P2P texting for corporate clients.

Her professional experience also included employment as a Feature Film/Television editor for A&E Biography, HBO films, Campus Crusade for Life, Billy Graham films, and Dick Clark Productions.  She has experience as a producer for the podcast “Inspiration Rising” managing talent acquisition; media booking; talent booking; podcast marketing; script writing; marketing and advertising.

Kristin’s previous professional experience led her to politics which enhanced her political experiences for over the past 2 decades.  She has an extensive political history working on campaigns including Presidential, Congressional, State Senate, and federal campaigns as well as leadership positions both elected and appointed.

She currently serves as a Central Committee representative and as a Member of the Sub-Committee for Voter Outreach. She serves as Campaign Chair, Membership Chair for several Republican clubs, and serves on the Board of Directors for Global Hope 365, a non-profit whose mission in to prevent Human Trafficking and Child Marriage

Our Political Consultants

John Freeman

Political Consultant

John is known to be among the best campaign professionals in California. He has a serious reputation for building some of the largest and most impactful ground operations for the RNC, CAGOP, and nationally targeted Congressional races.

John’s voter contact programs are known for producing BIG numbers. He is a data expert who deploys phone banks, mass canvassing, and text message programs to reach millions of voters each election. John also has a special talent for training campaign managers, field directors, staff, and for training volunteer organizers to become winning professionals and activists.

John has trained thousands of volunteers for the Republican party and targeted campaigns across California. Expect a large program if John is on your team. We are proud and excited to have John Freeman as part of our team and to provide our clients with one of the best results driven campaign experts in the nation!

John has managed and/or provided technical and training support to campaign field and political programs for the following organizations and campaigns:

    • Republican National Committee
    • California Republican Party
    • Recall of Senator John Newman (Ling Ling Chang for Assembly)
    • Young Kim for Congress

Winning begins with decisive action. Give your campaign, business organization or cause the upper hand with Political Advantage Team of Independent Consultants.

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